monicas memberGood morning Coast Fitness family, I want you to meet Amparito Calderon. She is one of my fabulous H I T  class members. This is what Amparito wanted to share with you. “When I first started exercising I would always wear long sleeves to avoid showing my arms. My self-esteem and self-confidence wasn’t 100%. Now that I’m doing regular exercise and keeping a healthy diet, I see the change in my body and I feel good, especially about myself. I’m more energized, I have lots more strength and endurance and best of all I feel happy. One thing I can say about the H I T  class is that I saw quick results and  it has changed my life.”.

Amparito has showed determination and dedication to her health and it shows. In less than six months she has lost over 10 lbs. and she is 5% away from an ideal body fat. I’m extremely proud of Amparito and all the H I T  participating members. Thank you for your trust and your hard work.  Monica E.