5 Things Fit People Do Differently


1) They enjoy being active: Fit people find a way to actually enjoy and even look forward to their workouts.

2) They don’t diet: They make healthy eating part of their lifestyle.

3) They spend time with other fit people: If you spend time with friends that are into healthy cooking, and enjoy doing active things like going for a bike ride, hiking, playing tennis, etc., then you’re probably join in and be more active as a result.

4) They prioritize sleep: Not only does sleep give you the energy you need to work out consistently, it also helps regulate your metabolism, repair your muscles, boost your athletic performance and more. Try 7-8 hours per night.

5) They don’t try to be perfect: Giving yourself permission to enjoy your favorite treat now and then, will ensure you don’t feel bitter about your healthy lifestyle. Same thing with your workouts, if you feel your body is asking for a day off…. give yourself a rest day and don’t feel guilty.

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