Diet Myth… Diet Soda Helps You Lose Weight


Most diet drinks are lower in calories than the regular drinks because they don’t have regular sugar. The problem is the artificial sweeteners, which have been tied to weight gain.. Why? you ask, well research shows that artificial sweeteners stimulate taste receptors that sense sweetness in both the esophagus and stomach. Anticipating energy, the pancreas releases insulin, an important hormone for accumulating body fat. At the same time, chemicals are sent to the brain’s satiety center, which becomes confused as to whether or not the body is actually receiving calories (energy), you crave more food and become susceptible to overeating in order to feel satisfied. So what is the result? You feel even hungrier and less full, which can lead to weight gain. Artificial sweeteners are more than 100 times sweeter that natural table sugar, which can desensitized our palate from naturally sweet foods and fruit. Next time choose a healthier alternative like seltzer water with lemon or lime. You have put in the hard work to workout, now follow up with healthy nutrition. I’m here to help you succeed. See you on Thursday for Body Pump (HIT)  Monica E.