In order to make your COAST FITNESS workout enjoyable, safe and results-oriented, we ask that you honor and respect the following rules:

  1. You must present your Membership Card or Coast Fitness App for gym entry and all purchases.
  2. Enjoy your workout, respect other members and promptly dispose of any trash or waste products.
  3. Keep your valuables, personal items and cell phone in your secured locker at all times.
  4. Bring a workout towel and please wipe down equipment after use.
  5. Consult with your Doctor prior to using the gym or any Tanning and Hydro-Massage equipment (Members must be 18 years or older to use this equipment).
  6. Workout in gym appropriate attire (shirt required), wear rubber soled shoes and store all gym bags in the locker room.
  7. Report to management any equipment which is not working properly or to your satisfaction.
  8. Be courteous to other members and re-rack your weights, equipment and plates to ensure club safety.
  9. Advise management of any unsatisfactory club condition, personnel,  safety hazard or disruptive conduct by any member.
  10. Lockers will be cleaned nightly, all locks will be removed and any remaining contents will be disposed of.
  11. In case of any emergency, Dial 911 and then contact Management personnel.
  12. Attendants are not provided in the Spa, Sauna or Locker Rooms. Use these facilities at your own risk.
  13. No animals (except service animals) are allowed in the gym at any time.
  14. Coast Fitness is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items and member (includes guests) assumes all risks, liability and injury while in the gym.  All Members and Guests hold Coast Fitness LLC harmless and fully indemnify it against any damage claim.
  15. Before using, please review and follow manufacturer instructions for the proper use of machines and equipment or see any on-duty trainer for specialized instruction.
  16. Do not attempt to repair or remove any fitness equipment from the gym.
  17. Do not attempt to use, adjust or operate fitness equipment which is beyond your physical limitations or capabilities.
  18. Report any vandalism or unauthorized people in the gym to Management immediately.
  19. No smoking, illegal substances, steroids, performance enhancing drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the gym
  20. Minors under 18 years of age are not permitted inside the gym or on the gym floor without full-time adult supervision for each minor or advance written approval from the on-duty Manager.  Any supervising adult must also be a member in good-standing of Coast Fitness.
  21. Operating days and hours are determined solely by management and may be modified, changed or the gym may be temporarily closed at any time.
  22. Refrain from using cellphones or cameras in the locker room or spa/sauna area.
  23. Handle all equipment with care and limit any excessive noise or disrespectful language.
  24. The gym and all parking areas are under video surveillance at all times.
  25. Follow all posted signage in the gym and parking area.
  26. Control weights, dumbbells and machine weight stacks to avoid dropping, damage or unsafe conditions.
  27. A nightly gym closing announcement will be made thirty minutes prior to closing.  Please complete your workout and shower before closing time.
  28. No music shall be played by any member inside of Coast Fitness without the advance written consent from the on-duty manager.  Personal music may be played through EarPods or Headphones so long as no Coast Fitness management staff member, in its sole and absolute discretion, hears or considers the music to be disruptive, offensive or inappropriate.  Notwithstanding anything contained herein, no music may be played in the saunas, spa area, locker or shower room at anytime.
  29. In order to reduce loitering inside the gym, Coast Fitness members may only enter through the gym turnstiles a maximum of two (2) times within any 24 hour period.  If additional entry is requested by any Coast Fitness member in good standing, the advance written consent from the on-duty Manager will be required prior to entry.  Said decision shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the Manager.
  30. Except for approved Coast Fitness certified personal trainers, No personal training, group training or exercise instruction will be allowed to be given by any member to another person (excluding immediate family members) inside of Coast Fitness at anytime.
  31. Except for products sold by Coast Fitness or its approved vendors, no person shall solicit or sell any products, goods or services to any Coast Fitness Member who is located inside the Coast Fitness premises at anytime.
  32. Violation of any rule will, at Management’s sole and absolute discretion, immediately terminate your Coast Fitness Membership.  No refund will be provided if termination was caused by a Member‘s breach under the Membership Agreement or violation of the Guidelines.
  33. Management retains in its sole and absolute discretion the right to terminate or immediately cancel, without refund or credit, the Membership Agreement of any member for any reason in the best interest of the gym and its Members.

The management and all employees at Coast Fitness are committed to providing you with the best equipment available, an immaculately clean facility and highly responsive customer service. We always welcome your comments, suggestions and equipment recommendations at