Are Reduced Fat Foods Healthier?


Fat is one of the things that makes food taste good. When fat is removed from foods, a lot of the flavor is removed as well. In order to make up for the lack of taste, extra sugars, chemicals and thickeners are added to enhance the flavor and texture of these foods. These additives are often far worse for us and sometimes just as fattening as full-fat food. In addition, “low-fat” and “fat free” doesn’t mean that it’s lower in calories. Make it part of your shopping time to read nutritional labels. Keep your eyes open for the source of calories and avoid buying reduced fat processed foods. Instead opt for fresh or whole foods. Buy natural, non-processed foods and consume in moderation. Of course don’t forget to workout regularly…. join me tomorrow, Tuesday at 6:30 pm for Body Pump (HIT). Monica E.